Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Terrible Tuesday x 6 + ? = !

Well, well, well, here we are, it's the sixth anniversary of Terrible Tuesday, which happens to fall on a Tuesday because of the leap year.

What can one say? In a sense, I'd rather not say anything -- but cannot be silent.

What I will say is what I said in the days immediately after that Terrible Tuesday, when I could see that the Lady of Liberty and Light was starting down a dark path which will mutate her into a Fortress of Arrogance.

It is true, there had always been a split in her persona -- the vision of a society of and by the people with liberty and justice for all was at the best of times only partially realized -- and then only for some. But when has any human vision been truly realized? None that I know of and that includes those of the Idaho and the Masher as well as the meanest of us who may only desire a little peace and quiet.

The warnings of the Founding Fathers have tended to fall on deaf ears. The checks and balances wisely forged into the Groundlaw have been under attack from the very beginning by people and forces who want only the rich and privileged to have power and the people to be sheep whose only use is to follow until it is time for them to be fleeced or turned into cannon fodder.

It was said and continues to be said that Terrible Tuesday "changed everything". That is a lie -- nothing changed! It was "business as usual" -- with the stress on business!

Billions of public funds flowed into the coffers of private companies and even armies -- all in the name of Security as the hypocrisy was cranked up to ever higher hysteria.

But as the masks fell away, the rotting wooden splinters left tracks of blood on the Lady's face as she mutated into Madam Who Drives a Fat Car.

And then came Monstrous Monday.


El Tiburon said...

I agree, 9-11 did not change anything. But it did change a lot of people, unfortunately.

It gave the power to the most incompetent of presidents to intaimidate and cower the already cowardly press. The people looked to their leader to comfort them; instead their leader looked at them in the eyes and said "You are all going to die...unless you do and say every single thing I say."

We are just now reclaiming our soul.

Chuck Cliff said...

Amen, el tiburon!

It is important to remember that we are the true americans as much, no more than any of the holes who pro- and defame the Lady of Liberty and Light.