Friday, September 14, 2007

Waiting for Monstrous Monday...

After completing the Arrogant Prophecies of the Third Galaxy and capping it off with a theme on Terrible Tuesday, I thought I would continue with a piece about Monstrous Monday. This is the day which marked the final transition of the Lady of Liberty and Light to the State of Arrogance which later culminated in the ascension of Ronald Rexona as Supreme Hole.

But, I find it difficult to continue.

I find myself more and more confused as to whether I am writing about the Third Galaxy or about our own happy world. Am I losing my mind, or are the two parallel worlds, in some awful way, melding together because of some sort of rupture in time and space?

Let's take a look at recent events.

Yesterday, Bush -- I'm too depressed to snark "Codpiece" and refuse to connect his name with "President" -- announced that the US military would remain in Iraq for a long time, in much the same way that they have been stationed in South Korea, Japan and Germany. What made me feel the slip of a time or spatial warp is that this "news" came as a "surprise"!

Even the lowest ranking town idiot knows that the only "reconstruction" in Iraq going after plan is the building of the largest US "Embassy" in Baghdad -- billions are being poured into this Palace of the New Regime. The major US military bases in Iraq are built and intended to be permanent.

But why the surprise?(!) It is common knowledge that control of the region is the first phase of the plan outlined for world hegemony in the Project for the New Arrogant Century -- a plan which only needed a "Pearl Harbor" class event to set it in motion. That such an event occurred only 9 months into the misrule of the Bush administration can only mean that the plan had the Blessing of the Spud Himself!

Last week, Hamas, sent a rocket into a boot camp for Israeli draftees. There were a number of casualties, some of them serious. For some reason, the Israeli response has been mild -- that is to say, they haven't bombed the shit out of any refugee camps. Why? It may be because a few days before, on September 6, the Israeli Air Force made an incursion into Syria, did "something" which left a hole in the ground and jettisoned fuel tanks which landed in Turkey (this is the only reason we know about this -- Syrian protests to the European Union were muffled)

This week, General Petraeus (aka Gen. Betrayus) moved his dog and pony show to Washington where he was able to lie before Congress that the "surge" was going hunkey-dory, ping-a-ling in Iraq. O. My. God. Did I say "lie" -- well, who's to know? The Perfect Soldier With Medals on His Chest was, pointedly, not sworn in! That means he could tell Congress the Moon was made of Green Cheese and not be held accountable if caught out. As a matter of fact, a fellow was thrown out of Congress for saying out loud, "Swear him in!"

But what the heck, who can't trust a soldier with such a recomendation such as he got from his commanding officer, "[your're ] an ass-kissing little chickenshit"

Finally, when Bu$h was in Iraq, not Baghdad, mind you, but a heavily fortified military base in the desert somewhere in the Anbar province, in the six hours he was there finding out how swell things were going and how, as he told the Prime Minister of Iraq, we are "kicking ass" there -- the Codpiece had time to have a photo-op with a major Shaych named Abu Risa. This is the fellow who, accepting the bribes of millions of dollars coupled with modern weapons, was ensuring that the Sunnis in Anbar were turning on "Al Qaeda". I put that in quotes, because it was really Iraqi Salifi Jihadis they were putting down -- Salifis are murdering assholes, to be sure, but "Al Qaeda" they ain't.

ANYWAY, you know of course that Abu Risa was snuffed yesterday. The two questions are, who did it and who will get the blame. "Al Qaeda" will of course get the blame, because they wanted to silence this Noble Voice for Freedom and Democracy. Who did it is most likely other tribal members who were mad because Abu Risa was skimming most of the millions for himself and not cutting others in on the take.
So, now, perhaps, you understand why I am confused -- am I here, or am I in the Third Galaxy?

Is there really any difference?

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