Thursday, October 04, 2007

Beauty and the Beast Revisited

When I went for my walk this morning, I was rewarded with one of the most magnificent sunrise displays I have seen in a long time!

The rising sun rays undershot a heavy but scattered cloud cover. It was beyond description. All one can say is, "Thanks!"

As a matter of fact that is what I presume to imagine what the Eternal mainly requires of us as conscious entities calling ourselves human beings: be thankful for the wonder we are privileged to know and experience in this life, behave decently with others and not screw up the Earth -- our Blue Mother -- who nourishes us all, along with the birds, the bees, the bears, the squirrels, the ants and all the other squiggly critters.

Speaking of birds, another experience: I saw in the sky this morning several flocks of wild geese gaggling and V'ing south for wherever it is they spend the winter -- it was a pleasure to see and hear them!

Yet another experience: two days ago, in the Happy Little Kingdom, a 10 year old girl was dragged off and raped, twice. Okay, the perp was a nasty guy called "Dirty Leif" and they got him, caught him, jailed him. Happy ending? Well, it depends on whether you are newspaper reader or a 10 year old girl.

A statistic: one out of six women raped in this country are less than 16 years old. For most of them it is their "sexual debut", as they so nicely put it in the local language.

I was working today moving firewood, getting ready for the winter season. Some of this wood had been lieing there since the last winter season and a lot of kribbly krabbly things crawled out, centipedes, pill bugs and spiders the size of a silver dollar -- kind of yechy things.

What I am trying to tell you is that there are disgusting things, ugly things, even evil things in the nature of living things -- but it is only we, the concious entities which presume to call ourselves human, who can bring the ugly evil into the world.

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