Tuesday, October 09, 2007

If Someone Had Set Out Deliberately

If you can believe what you read (but you can't!) the bottom line is that we haven't got a chance...

The ice is melting, pouring a thousand Niagaras into holes in the rotten ice. Greenland quakes as her glaciers calve at amazing rates. The sea is rising and none of this, none of this can be said to be in any way at all surprising!

In every case of what is nicely called, "international terrorism", stolen passports have been involved -- stolen or counterfeit, it's the same difference!

There is but one database in the world that tracks this tool the bad guys need the most -- Interpol.

With a budget of 30 million, Interpol is ignored by the oxymoronously named Homeland Security which has a budget of 38 billion.

If someone had set out deliberately to suck the world dry of natural resources and to destroy the ability of our Blue Mother to regenerate Herself from the wounds that have been inflicted on her and gouged into her soft flesh...

If someone had set out deliberately to invoke, in the name of a "War on Terra", courses of action which would not only engender, enable, strengthen and feed these dark networks, but make ever more likely a "Clash of Civilizations" where Weapons of Mass Immolation will be used...

If someone had set out deliberately to start a series of Endless Ultimate Wars and set the stage for the rise of the most terrible tyranny the world has ever known...

Well, if someone had done that, they sure have done a bang up job!

Of course, there is no "someone", just a collection of holes, a horde of nonentity blaspheming all that is holy in our common humanity, gnawing holes in the very fabric of existence -- it really has no name, but to have a handle on it, I call it Rexona.

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Yes, I recorded the guitar audio in the digital audio program at the same time I recorded the video. Then I mixed down the audio, and made it into a file. Then I extracted the original audio from the video, and dropped in the CD quality audio file, synched it up and there you have it :-) Cool, huh. Been working on the last tune of the seven for the CD. then I'll go into final editing and mastering.

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