Friday, October 19, 2007

It Cannot Be Allowed to Pass...

Let it pass that he never was really elected.

Let it pass that, from the start, he set things in motion of which he had never spoken, which, in fact were diametrically opposite from what he had promised:

1. From the start he laid plans to take out Badass Poosane because, as he quaintly put it: "He tried to kill my daddy!"

2. From the start He let his evil companion, Mr. Snarly, hold secret meetings with the poobahs of the energy industry. Meetings so secret that we still don't know the agenda, the decisions, the plans -- not even who attended these meetings! (However, we can deduce from later events that plans were laid on how to bring about Arrogant control of the world's oil and natural gas reserves -- we know this by the utter incompetence with which these plans were laid, played and ensuing complete failure!)

3. From the start, he set in motion eavesdropping and spying on Arrogant citizens in order to gain "stuff" on his political opponents with which to twist their arms, as needed.

Let it pass that he ignored warnings of the impending attacks known as Terrible Tuesday and went back to jerking off on his ranch.

Let it pass that, afterwards, he completely blew all chances of capturing Ahsawyah been-Lately "dead or alive" when Farawaystan was attacked. In fact the failure was done with such elegant incompetence that one must wonder if it wasn't intentional. In any case, after a former oil company executive was democratically elected by the purple finger as President of Farawaystan, the promises of help and aid to the war torn country disappeared like the morning dew -- instead, the full force of Arrogance was brought to bear on Wudda-Wreck, which, after its illegal invasion and occupation, came, day by day, year by year to deserve its name.

Let is pass that after failing (deliberately?) to "get" been-Lately; after failing to find the Weapons of Mass Immolation in Wudda-Wreck (because they never existed!); after failing to secure access to natural gas in Farawaystan or the oil of Wudda-Wreck -- he then turned his little piggy eyes lustfully upon Uran and her vast resources of oil and natural gas.

Let it pass that Uran had no proven plans to develop Weapons of Mass Immolation -- more important was that, had they the will, they had not the capability!

What is very hard to let pass is that, at the time when the Uranians were barely able to produce nuclear fuel enriched to the 4% needed for an atomic power plant (and still far away from the 90-95% needed for a Bomb) the man who had control of the greatest military machine his poor world had ever seen, who could destroy any nation with a touch of his finger said, "If Uran were to get the Bomb, it would mean the start of World War III".

What is almost impossible to let pass is that a man who has joked at least three times in public that a "dictatorship would be great as long as he was the dictator", this little popinjay, who was born with a silver spoon in his nose, then "joked" that he was "planning to retain power" after, according to the Groundlaw of Arrogance, of his second term in office the following year.

This from a man who had established detention centers in his country with, room for a half-million; who had detained his own citizens for years with no writ of law, in some cases destroying their minds with refined techniques of torture; who had repeatedly declared that he was above any law or legal restraint because he was Codpiece-in-Chief of a "Country at War"; who had prepared an executive directive giving him dictatorial powers to protect the Groundlaw in the event of an unspecified National Emergency -- for as long as that emergency lasted (and it was he who was to declare the Emergency and announce when the emergency had ended!!!)

Letting all that pass or not, the cherry on the top of the cake and the raisin in the sausage end, is that while all this was going on, while enormous tax rebates in the hundreds of billions were given to super-rich Arrogant citizens, while a trillion dollars and a million lives were wasted in the beginnings of his military adventures -- at the same time, one in four homes in his country were not insulated and had single pane glass windows!

That meant that, at the same time that major global climate changes were becoming rapidly inevitable, 5% of the population of the Third Galaxy was burning up one fourth of the oil and gas being sucked out of the crust, much of that poor planet -- to, in essence, warm the sparrows!

If but a fraction of the tax breaks given to the super- and hyper-rich had been diverted to encourage Arrogant citizens to insulate their walls and windows -- and, by example, encourage and lead the rest of the world to sanity; if but a fraction of the resources wasted on fruitless wars of global hegemony had been used on research to develop decentralized and renewable energy sources...

Indeed! If! If! If it had been done -- what a difference it would have made!

But, it was not done -- and that cannot be allowed to pass!

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