Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Great Cull...

If the truth be known and when the publication of the 21st Edition of the Absolute Truth becomes available to the general public the truth will be known, the real, nitty-gritty, bare bones reasons for Ronald Rexona and his Evil Companion to bring on the Terrible Times otherwise known as Ultimate Endless War, were not so much to establish world hegemony and control over the dwindling resources in the Third Galaxy. These were mere pretexts to engage the interest and ensure the loyalty of the multitude of lesser holes who made the ascension of the Supreme Hole possible.

When you cut away the shining words about Freedom, Democracy and the War on Terra; if you ignore the dark, neo-cunz vision codified in PNAC, or Project for the New Arrogant Century, what is left is the obvious: that the true and terribly real goal was the Great Cull -- that is reducing the population of the Third Galaxy to a level both commensurate to the dwindling resources and easier to control.

The plan was that the citizens of Arrogance should, as far as economically prudent, be spared the consequences of the Cull. The reason for that was not so much the love of Arrogance, but the easily demonstrable fact that Arrogant citizens -- exactly because of their arrogance -- were easier to control than any other population in the Third Galaxy!

However, although no where explicitly expressed, it was implied in all contingency planning that the safety of the Supreme Hole, his Evil Companion and a select group of lesser holes was of prime importance.

The intention was that, if the Cull got a bit out of control, the Leaders of Freedom and Democracy would be safely ensconced in shelters deep underground with convenient access to movie theaters, swimming pools, comic books, defilibrators and even a golf course or two.

It is true that the Great Cull cannot be directly documented as a formulated plan, even in the 2nd and 3rd level footnotes of the Absolute Truth (the deepest levels to which I have direct access) -- however it is easily deduced from the record of what was said and done that they were ready to turn the world to shit as long as they came out smelling like roses.

That is the Absolute Truth.

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