Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Game of Holy Poker

Yet another poem composed by that unknown poet in the Third Galaxy, apparently from the brief period of seeming quiet before the beginning of the Terrible Times.

In any case, I know from the footnotes to the Absolute Truth that the reference to "Aces" is to how many actors on the stage of that poor world were in possesion of atomic weapons and prepared to use them.

In smoke filled rooms full of dirty old men
who play, with obscene delight,
the only game left in town;
the game of "might makes right":

"I'll call your bluff and raise the bet
with ten armored divisions!"
"I'll cover that with bunker buster bombs!"
-- and thus unfolds the dark vision...

When their game of holy poker begins,
and the players are all in their places,
won't they be surprised, when the chips are down,
how many were holding "Aces"!

When all is said and done, and every
thing has gone to dust,
what will there be -- if anything --
left for you to trust?

The questions that we need to ask,
are hid between the lines
of ancient texts, and between each breath,
and the answers are not all quite divine.

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