Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Sweet Smell of Success

After a trillion dollars poured into MegaCorp coffers, thousands of dead Arrogant soldiers laid in wooden coffins, tens of thousands wounded and maimed in body, mind and soul left to aimlessly and homeless wander the streets, not to mention -- especially not to mention -- between a half and a whole million dead civilians in Wudda-Wrek: success was achieved!

How was this done? By winning, withdrawal, by treaty, concessus?

No, none of these -- the Bankers of Illusion simply forgot about it.

Mysteriously, Wudda-Wrek and Farawaystan slid off the front-pages and was no longer seen in the mud lines above and below the bobble-heads on television as they blathered and bloviated about the candidates for Prez of Arrogance -- they philosophized and fulminated about haircuts, the manly smell of cigar and old leather, how much cleavage was appropriate to show and whether that candidate was, in reality, a Masher!

It Had Been Decided by the Pundit Class, that Wudda-Wrek and Farawaystan no longer mattered to Arrogant Citizens. Congress, in subservient silence passed appropriations to the military presence in the Muddled East, and debated other things.

Meanwhile, in the north of Wudda-Wrek, where the Qurds lived, in gratitude for the Arrogant sacrifice of buckets of blood and billions of dollars, the regional government there outlawed the freedom of the press, making it a terror crime punishable by draconian prison sentences and even death to criticize the government, it's leaders and their policies.

Now that is a quality of success very few would have ever imagined!!!

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