Saturday, January 12, 2008

An Epiphany Most Strange...

Even as the realities of life in Bodybag and the rest of Wudda-Wrek continued to devolve into yet more nightmare and churning chaos, a few hundred kilometers to the south west of Bodybag, the Codpiece-in-Chief is standing on the balcony of his exclusive suite at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.

He is here on his Mission to Bring Peace to the Muddled East in general and the Holy Land in particular.

It is early morning and he is wearing the pure white bathrobe emblazoned with the emblem of the Codpiece-in-Chief on one side and his name in gold on the other. The hotel prepared had prepared this for him at his request.

Also, at his request, the Old City is dark, there are no lights, not even those which normally bathe the ancient walls. He will be able to see the sunrise over the City Holy to the Great Potato just as the Holy Idaho himself must have seen it two thousand years ago. A tear trickles down one of his cheeks as the first rays of the sun poke above the dark silhouette of the city. He raises his arm to greet the Holy Dawn and perhaps Receive a Blessing.

Suddenly, it seems as if his hand is enveloped in fire!

What can this be?

The Revelation bursts into his consciousness -- the Great Potato wants to speak through him to the world!

He is certain of it!

He smiles and mutters under his breath, "Damn, I knew I was special, but this whups ass bit time!"
For, as everyone will soon learn, "God speaks to the world from a Burning Bush!"

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