Monday, January 14, 2008

Anomalies in the Horse Races...

The second heat of the Quadrennial Horse Races in New Hamhock turned out differently than the pundit bobble heads said/decided it would/should.

Pillory "won" while both Bulimo and Forewards "lost" and the bobble heads wondered "how did this happen?". Why hadn't the voting public listened to their superiors in knowledge and understanding of things political, the teevee Chattering Class? Hadn't they understood or even gotten the message that when Pillory cried on television she had destroyed her political career?

Indeed, the voters seem to have "gotten" the message that the pundits were a rabble of raving misogynists pilling on in a verbal gang-bang on Pillory simply she was a woman showing emotion.

That said, it is a bit odd to say that Pillory "won" New Hamhock. First of all, she got 39 to Bulimo's 36%, which is but a 3% spread. Secondly, delegates in New Hamhock are selected in proportion to the candidates share of the votes cast -- that means that, together, Bulimo and Forewards (17%) got more delegates to the Hoorah-vention than Pillory.

The same can be said for the much ballyhooed "victory" of Mad Kane over Midge Groaney -- the spread in percentage of the Repugnant votes cast was really not all that much of a landslide.

Speaking of the percentage of votes received, an anomaly has been noticed, which for some reason, very few have been speaking of. This in itself is a bit odd since anomalies seem to be occurring with more and more frequency in Arrogant elections -- especially those elections which might "tip the scales" or "change things".

The anomaly in the New Hamhock voting appears when the number of hand counted paper votes are compared with optically scanned and touch screen votes. For every one in the second heat held in New Hamhock the percentage difference between hand and electronic counts was almost nil, less than 1%.

That is except for Pillory and Bulimo! Pillory received 5% more "electric" votes while Bulimo got left with 3% less -- which is less than the official spread between the two.

In a normal world, this, an election plagued by anomalies of this sort would have triggered some degree of recount. But the Third Galaxy is not a normal world and the Unified State of Arrogance is not a normal democracy. In fact it has been the policy of the Repugnants these past seven years to make big noises about people voting fraudulently. Legislation has been enacted making it quite difficult for the poor and elderly who might be expected to vote for the Dumbrats to register and later on actually vote. In fact, there shown to be very little fraud of this sort. However, prosecuting attorneys who refused to bring cases to court that were obviously little more than harassment were either fired by the Codpiece administration or forced to retire.

Obviously, if there is any problem it is with the electronic vote talleys -- especially the equipment which leaves no paper trail.

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