Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Probably a Slip of Ye Old Tongue...

As most of your know, I am doing extensive research into the 21st Edition of the Absolute Truth in order to uncover what transpired in the Third Galaxy at the beginning of what became known there as the Terrible Times. However, as I have mentioned before, sometimes when I take a break, I notice that events in that parallel world, in some uncanny way, more and more spill over into our happier and saner world.

In an editorial in the Washington Post on State of the Union speech which was to be held later that day, the author stated that the "nations strong economic performance" in the first part of his reign was ignored by the public because of "the war" and that now Bush is "getting little credit for improved security in Iraq" because of the "struggling U.S. Economy.

If you ignore the fact that the "strong economic performance" was only noticed by the economic predators feasting on a carcass and that the "improved security" is only because the communities in Iraq are either ethically cleansed or surrounded by walls, you might feel a bit sorry for poor, misunderstood George -- but you'll get this bullshit on dry toast stuck in your throat when you read the first line of the second graf in the editorial [my stress]:

That is the problem Bush faces as he prepares to deliver his seventh and probably final State of the Union address tonight.

Probably? An odd choice of words! The 22nd amendment to the Constitution limits every one to two terms and two terms only in the Oval Office.

This parallels the situation was in the Third Galaxy -- the Ground Law of the Unified State of Arrogance also allowed that no person could serve as Prez for more than two terms.

But then came Monstrous Monday and the Prez-elect and Vice Prez-elect, along with so many others, were killed in the wreckage. In order to restore order and protect the Ground Law, Ronald Rexona most reluctantly had to declare the "State of Emergency" which later became the "Enduring State of emergency.

[I got the link to the WaPo editorial from Talking Points Memo]

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