Friday, February 01, 2008

As We Wait for Super Tuesday...

Edwards (and Kucinich) brought something rare to the selection process -- a certain amount of honesty. So in a backass way it's kind of cool they drop out now -- honesty and cogent attention to the important issues is simply too confusing.

Have you ever considered that something like 2% of the population with the help of the media, big monied interests and eminences in the two parties determine who we get to choose between for the position of Prez, the person who will be invested more power than ten times ten caesars? That we have had a campaign going on this long and we still have four candidates although the two of them seem to be more annointed than the others -- that is shocking, I tell you, shocking!

Because otherwise it is quite understandable why the Codpiece has been so hip on "spreading democracy and freedom".

Very much on the other hand -- it is wonderful to note that the number of people voting in these primaries, especially the young, has been, by American standards, quite large. I recall the Leonard Cohen line, "Democracy is's coming to America first, the home of the best and the worst..."

Ah, maybe this Super Tuesday will turn everything on its head -- yeah, I know, fat chance of that, but I can dream, can’t I?

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