Thursday, February 28, 2008

Little Jack Horner Sat in the Corner...

[I was up late last night and uncovered yet another "sonnette" which surely must have been composed by the unknown poet of the Third Galaxy.

From the text itself, we can see that it was composed after the invasion of Wudda-Wreck, but before Monstrous Monday and the onset of the Terrible Times in that unfortunate.

Since I couldn't any actual notes from the author, I can't be sure, but I presume that Little Jack Horner refers to Ronald Rexona before he had become Supreme Hole.]

Knowing our pride in our arrogance,
as well as the depth of our ignorance,
combined with our aptitude for hate,
they found us easy to manipulate.

This is how they prepared their little ruse:
tons of lies were spun to resemble truth;
then spread for the Main Stream Media to use.

Even honest people were often confused!

In the end, although we'd been down this path before,
almost everybody was in favor of the war.
When Little Jack Horner in his corner stuck in his thumb,
Wudda-Wreck fell like an over-ripe plum!

Sadly though, it was years before we began
to understand the secret evil of their plan...

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