Saturday, March 01, 2008

When Bush Lite Went to Crawford...

[Barf bags should be near at hand...]

Bush Lite, a.k.a. Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Prime Minister of the Happy Little Kingdom is grabbing sound bites and headlines here in the Danish media because he has scored yet another success in what passes for international diplomacy these days. Even as I, with some success, control my retch reflex, he and his wife are eating lunch in Crawford with the Codpiece-in-Chief, Himself!

This is a crowning achievement for Anders Fogh, putting in the shade, having breakfast in the White House, lunch and even being invited to Camp David!

These are rewards for lying to the Danish Parliament so that they would okay Danish participation as a member of Coalition of the Willing in the invasion of Wudda-Wreck and the ensuing on-growing catastrophe devolving into utter nightmare and the middle circles of Dante's Hell...

Although one might argue that a couple dozen Danish lives lost in Wudda-Wreck and Farawaystan was a bad investment, it can't be denied that there have excellent economic returns! But, of course, this pales in comparison with having been one of the very select few to have been invited to lunch at The Ranch!

On the other hand, maybe the Codpiece intends to seek political asylum here next year?

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