Friday, February 22, 2008

The Terrible Times -- a Kvad

[The unknown poet of the Third Galaxy often experimented.

For example, as in this small piece which plays with a kvad form from the skaldic poetry of the North Lands. The skalds of the North Lands made more use of alliteration than rhymes.

Six lines of four stressed syllables was not the most common form of kvad, but I think this piece, although a bit rough around the edges, reads quite well and expands with some feeling the tormented themes which most concerned the unknown poet.]

Their lack of common decency,
was only matched by their hypocrisy.
They pretended to spread democracy
by dispensing justice from the barrel of a gun.
At the end of the day, the goal of their game
was to conquer the world or bring it down in flames.

It was said, "It's about the oil and other stuff!"
That was true, but not quite true enough...
It was about all things that could be abused,
up to and including human lives.
Their genes were seen as a hill of beans
to be counted and added to the bottom line.

It was a time, a Terrible Time,
when wicked works were wrought by all.
By all except a few who saw
and recognized the nature of the beast.
The beast which ripped the womb of birth
and desecrated the Mother, Earth.

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