Wednesday, February 20, 2008

With No Regrets....

My wandering mind came across a strange and rather disturbing thought this morning. I will try and describe it:

If immortality could be purchased,
would it matter at all what it would have to cost?
There would be those who'd be ready to pay!

If the elixir had to be distilled daily
from the bones of a thousand mutilated babies,
they would smile with glee and they would become
our masters. You think not? Consider this:

What will people not do for oil, for gold,
for diamonds?

Ah, I think I should leave the poetry to the unknown poet of the Third Galaxy -- today, a bittersweet "sonnette" apparently written in what he often referred to as "the late afternoon".

It's kind of ridiculous, the things we do
to make our way through each passing day.

We jump out of bed, bite some bread and chew
it quick, then gulp our coffee on our way
to the door. We say goodbye and out on the road
we go in droves of busses, cars and trucks.

"Each day must bring at least a hundered blows!"
the Preacher said, "It's not a matter of luck!"

Win or lose, in the end -- it's all the same...

The vanity of trying to "catch the wind"
leads only to more misery, sorrow and pain.

We're all trapped in snares before we begin
and the snare draws daily tighter around our necks...

It's best to live life fully, with no regrets...


Kate Anne said...

Chuck -- thanks for your comments on AND here.

(You had posted:

"First, the bottom line is that to abuse someonw who is under your total control — that is torture. Definitions which wiggle away from that are bullshit on a waffle.

"Second, when anyone, anywhere, for whatever reason is tortured, our common humanity is debased."

-- Good stuff!!) Peace hugs!

Chuck Cliff said...

Why thank you most kindly, Kate.

What I wrote on CD is something I discovered the when I joined in a bloggers against torture campaign two summers ago.

It's when one begins trying to formulate one's thoughts that one begins to understand and gain control of one's thoughts and, therefore one's mind.

This is very important, because, if you don't have control of your own mind, there any number of jokers out there who will be glad to control it for you!