Saturday, March 08, 2008

A Last Supper...

The last battle was between Ooog and Schmooog and it didn't last long.

Ooog struck Schmooog a mighty blow with his sword, "Snicker-Snack" and Schmooog's left arm fell to the ground, severed from his body. But Schmooog quickly snatched up the appendage which had so recently been a part of him and, swinging it over his head, struck Ooog such a blow that it cracked his head open and Ooog expired, dead on the spot.


Schmooog cried the cry of Ultimate Victory!

However, unable to stench the flow of blood, also he collapsed, his body falling over that of Ooog.

The carrion crows were, of course, happy for the double meal, but their joy was tempered by the knowledge that there would be no more free meals coming their way. This was, so to speak, their Last Supper.

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