Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Purple Finger Freedom

[I found this obscure rant in 3rd level footnotes to the 21st Edition of the Absolute Truth. It would take a stretch of the imagination to apply it to our world, which is far saner than that of the Third Galaxy, but I post it as a warning -- not that I think we could ever devolve to the levels implied here...]

There are different kinds of freedom!

Some freedoms are trivial and some are rather important.

There is the freedom to get yourself a free purple finger every few years and then there is the freedom of being able to go to the market place without wondering if it will be your turn this time to be blown into instant dog food...

There is the freedom of being able to work in a sweat shop without worrying about being deported by ICE agents and then there is the freedom of not starving to death.

There is the freedom of having access to clean drinking water so you don't have to watch your baby die of dehydration from the diarrhea it contracted because the clean water had been privatized and you couldn't afford it.

Now that's a real cool freedom, but there are those who judge it not quite on a par with the freedom of the purple finger.

There are two reasons.

The nice reason is that the purple freedom spreads democracy.

The nasty reason is that, if some slimebags can make money from privatizing clean water or even fresh air to breathe -- heck, if a consortium buys up rights to human genes even, why that is cool...

The reason is that Free Market Forces are Holy and any suffering caused by the exploitation of human resources or rape of the environment is okay because -- at the end of day -- there will be growth and prosperity and a few drops of the wealth will trickle down, perhaps, maybe...

In any case, to be on the safe side, leave your socks hanging on the mantle piece or your tooth under the pillow -- who knows? There might really be a Santa Claus or a Tooth Fairy!!!

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