Friday, March 28, 2008

Mars Rover


Well, yes, in fact pissed off in a number of ways.

Didja know, we put 800 million dollars into a project to put a couple of things on wheels called Mars Rovers on the surface of, yeah, Mars.

Okay, you might disagree and say that was a lot of money to spend for what.?

On the other hand, the damn things on wheels have been there for three years -- and they only figured they would run three months!

They have given us an amazing real time amount of information about Mars, not the least that there has been running water on the planet. In fact, they are damn close to being able to tell us if there has actually been LIFE there -- this is the goddamn ontological question of the millennium!

It costs some 20 million a year to keep the buggers running, considering that they have continued to work ten times what was planned along with the amazing information they have given us about this sister planet, 20 million a year is peanuts.

HOWEVER, since the Bush (mal)administration has spent one trillion dollars on an military escapade which no one has yet been able to explain, NASA must cut costs, and so, to save 4 million, they will turn off one of the Mars Rovers. When they turn it off, they will not be able to turn it back on. The other Rover will be put on standby and will, perhaps, maybe, be capable of being restarted.

It's a small thing, I guess, compared to the other shit the Codpiece Admin has pulled, but, somehow, it seems to me to be an archetype of their shit.

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