Monday, April 21, 2008

A Man and His Dog...

[I referred to this story a couple of posts ago. It's an old story that's been wandering around the internet for years which I retell here.]

This is guy is walking along and he has his dog with him. He can't remember how long he has been walking and exactly where he is. He comes to a place where there is a great big mansion with a big sign with blinking lights, HEAVEN!!!

There's a big iron gate and a fellow in a snazzy uniform is standing there.

The guy with the dog walks up and asks to come in. "Why sure!" the guard at the gate says, "but you have to leave the dog behind!"

The guy thinks about that for a while then says, "Well, thank you sir, but I think I'll just keep walking."

A ways on the guy comes to a run down ramshackle place with a rusty wooden gate. Also here, there is a person standing at the gate, albeit a much more relaxed and laid back person. Tired of walking, the guy asks if he can come in to rest a bit. "Why sure!" comes the immediate answer.

"Uh, can I bring my dog?"

"Of course!"

"What is this place?" asks the guy as he goes through the gate.


"Heaven? But there's another place down the road that has a big sign..."

"O, that's the competition -- that's Hell."

"But why do you let them have that sign?"

"Well, anybody who'd leave their best friend behind to get into 'heaven' deserves what they get, don't you think?"

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