Thursday, April 24, 2008

The River Descending...

[This is an unusual piece from the unknown poet of the Third Galaxy. In his notes he writes: "River Descending" is one of those things I compose in my bed at night as I go back to sleep after having gotten up to take a leak.

This explains their dreamlike quality, I suppose, but offers little in the way of understanding their meaing.

However, I do know that, in the original language of the Book of the Holy Idaho, the word-root, JRD has the meaning of "descend". Therefore, what we read as "Jordan", could just as well be "River Descending" -- which is the meaning Strug mystics use in their thinking.] Accuser finished his diatribe
with a smirk upon his face.
I sat there in silence before I replied,
while speaking thus from my place:

"I am feeling very lonely now,
after your attacks.
Why don't you step up and take a bow,
while I dissect your 'facts'?"

If the truth be told and be told it must
(and this you surely know!),
the lack of faith is grounded in lack of trust
and dries up the sacred flow
known as Holy River Jordan.

However, it's real course
is the River of Life which first descends
and then returns to it's Source.

Go ahead and laugh, if think you must.
It doesn't bother me.
In the end, when all goes down to dust,
what remains is Reality!

That is the Question we all must face.
What we profess to believe
has little to do with our quality of faith.

Beliefs bring many to grief,
especially when we use them to hide
from the nitty gritty of life:
Which is that all things born must die,
and that is the source of all our strife.

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