Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mad Kane Comes Out of the Closet...

Geeze, all the time I thought Senator Mad Kane was running for President of the United State of Arrogance, it turns out he really wasn't.

In a speach he gave on Memorial Day, he revealed that he is actually running for "Commander in Chief". I quote:

"I am running for the office of commander in chief. That is the highest privilege in this country, and it imposes the greatest responsibilities..."

This is complete and utter bullshit, which almost but not quite surprises me coming even from Mad Kane. Commander in Chief is not an office! It is one of the duties of our civilian president to be commander of the military -- the Founding Fathers were leary of the power of the military. They were also leary of the power of an executive president -- therefore they entrusted the power to declare war to the Congress...

Yet, one frequently hears people of right wing confusion refer to the president as "my commander in chief". That is scary shit which especially accelerated from the very beginning of the reign of the Codpiece.

Commander in Chief, by the way is a good translation of the latin "imperator", which we usually read as "emperor"

One last piece of not exactly trivia:

Memorial Day
is not actually a day to pray for U.S. troops who died in action but rather a
day set aside by Congress to pray for peace. The 1950 Joint Resolution of
Congress which created Memorial Day says: "Requesting the President to issue a
proclamation designating May 30, Memorial Day, as a day for a Nation-wide prayer
for peace." (64 Stat.158). [my emphasis]

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