Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Novel Twist on the Concept of "Duck and Cover"

Myke Hugababy, the pastor turned politico who tried out in the opening heats of the Quadrenial Horse Races and, although he did surprisingly well in the beginning, had to drop out for the lack of both votes and funds -- and who, by the way, is on the short list for the Veep position in the final lap of the Quadrennials; yes, that same Hugababy who as governor of Organsaw, pardoned a serial rapist because he one of his victims was a distant relation of Billy "Big Dog" Flintstone, former governor of Organsaw and Prez of the Arrogant States (therefore, the poor rapist must have been unjustly convicted by the criminally and insanely vengefull Flintstones!)

Yes, the felon who, upon release, promptly went about carving a few more notches by raping, killing and otherwise desecrating the bodies of at least two more young women (that we know of, but he may have worked overtime and moonlighted a bit...).

Yes, that Hugababy, politician, pastor and Man of Gawd, was holding a speech the other day at the NRA, and cut what one might call a joke but might just as be called a verbal fart...

This was the situation: While Hugababy was speaking, there was a loud noise backstage, perhaps of a chair falling over. "Heh! heh!" says Hugababy, "I guess that was Bulimo Charisma diving for cover because somebody pointed a gun at him, har-hardy-har-har!"

If one, like myself, knows something of the number of threats, veiled in jokes and innuendo -- and sometimes not veiled at all -- that have been made against Bulimo, you would find this about as funny as having a fresh turd stuck down the front of your pants.
That said, I like to pose a question that has been bumping around in what for me passes as a mind: if the Prez- and Veep-Elect somehow leave the land of the living before the Inaugaration -- what happens? Does the Speaker of the House take over as in the case the Prez and Veep die or are unable to function? Is there any rule for such a contingency?

Or, would, as I suspect, the outgoing Prez hang on to the reins of power until such time, assuming it ever came -- and that might depend on just how the Prez-elect managed to leave his mortal coil -- until such time as new (s)elections could be arranged...?

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