Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sniffing for Fun

I always thought we had a corner on silly sex scandals in the United State of Arrogance, but, they are showing a certain amount of initiative Down Under.

The leader of the Western Australia Liberal* Party broke down in tears -- on television -- and admitted that, yes, he had been sniffing the seat of the chair in which a female Liberal Party staff member had been sitting...

Geeze, when I was a kid in Poosah City, these many years ago, one of the definitions of a "perv" was somebody who sniffed girls' bicycle seats. I always assumed it was a joke, like wearing green on a Thursday meant that you were "queer" -- but now, I'm not so sure...

* Please note: "Liberal" outside the USA does not translate to "librul" and is rather somewhat right of center.

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