Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Catching Dog Poopers Prevents Terra!!!

In the wake of Terrible Tuesday, laws appeared out of nowhere, laws of several hundred pages were passed with large majorities. A weak minded person, or a skeptic, might think that these laws had been prepared beforehand, in anticipation of the awful events of that September. Such thoughts, of course make the thinker, at least, eligible for a high class tinfoil hat.

How can a reasonable person with the slightest grasp of our commonly accepted reality be opposed to a law with such a fine name as PATRIOT? Indeed, how can anyone be puzzled by the appearance, out of the (red, white and) blue, so to speak of the ominous term Homeland Security? Only a pansy, a wimp, a librul could take offense!

Our leaders protect us and if they need special powers to protect us, my gawd, give them such power so they don't have to take it illegally (for our own good, of course).

In the Happy Large Kingdom we sometimes call the Great Brit, they had similar, ill advised discussions when the RIPA bill was passed. This super patriotic law gave greatly expanded powers to the local governments to use cameras in surveillance of public areas. The public was assured that these expanded powers would only be used to "get terraists".

People, in their wussiness, are now complaining that the local gov'ts are now using the surveillance cameras to catch litter bugs and dog poopers. What else can you expect of libruls? Is not litter-bugism and the leaving of stray dog poops as close to terraism as you can get with out saying "boom!"?

I'm just asking!

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