Thursday, June 05, 2008

4. The Wounded Heart

The "Bankers of Illusion", another recurring image of the unknown poet, is thought by many students of the Absolute Truth, 21st Edition, to refer to the mass media of the Third Galaxy. I don't quite agree. I feel quite strongly that poetic imagery, much in the same manner as dream symbols must be understood as meaning several things at once. The Bankers of Illusion is a conflation of mass media with the interests of the Mega Corps along with anti-spirit and moral bankruptcy.

The period up to the beginning of the Terrible Times was indeed antimonian, an age of ignorance, avarice and arrogance. As the democracies devolved and the lights went out, all that mattered to the ruling classes was power, money and privilege -- the one enabling the possessor to acquire more of the other two.

Behind a pack of lies and flatulance
and finely carved and polished wooden masks
projecting simulated excellence,
the Bankers of Illusion go about their tasks...

Stripping Purity and Innocence clear to the bone,
they serve them up with spicy barbeque sauce.

True feeling can now only be felt alone!
Love becomes a commodity that costs
not only your heart's blood -- but cold cash!

And so, as the Age of Arrogance begins,
all human values are shat upon and trashed,
and holiness is counted as a mortal sin...

What then, my friend? What will you do with your fears
when the wounded heart, so long denied, reappears?

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