Monday, June 09, 2008

6. Something Deeper...

The unknown poet of the Third Galaxy expands here upon yet another one of his main themes -- that religion had been hijacked, so to speak, by charlatans, hustlers and madmen. But, why was it possible, he asks? Was there a deeper fault line in the human soul? Is there a fatal flaw, as he elsewhere implies, in the entire concept of sentient beings?

As he asks elsewhere, is that why the stars are so far apart?

If so, would this imply that the Creator itself is a raving insanity or just cynically wise beyond our comprehension?

The "Lord" they serve rules a kingdom of death?

That's what I said and that's exactly what I meant!
How dare they do what they do to Holy Breath?
It's exactly as if the coin of the Kingdom was spent
on dried snot and used toilet wipe.

I try so very hard not to rant,
but when I hear them selling rancid tripe
as the "Will of God", to keep silent -- I can't!

People are not as "stoopid" as they think.
We understand how they bamboozle us!
We know what's in the kool-aid they make us drink!

So why don't more of us make more of a fuss?

Is it because we're all afraid of perdition?
Or is it something deeper, that we're afraid to mention?

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