Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Great Anthrax Mystery...

The Great Anthrax Mystery has finally been solved, sort of.

Following the communal madness of 9/11 the anthrax mailings brought a surreal aspect into the common insanity. First of all, it was denied, but then, when people started to die, it could not be ignored. Somebody or someones had sent a portion of mass dead out, by mail -- we were shitting in our collective pants, was it Saddam? No, it wasn't. He was innocent, as he was of 9/11 and all the other reasons for the illegal invasion, occupation and assorted war crimes the present (mal)administration has managed to do.

Whatever, when the
"prime" suspect in the, until now, unsolved anthrax murders, kills
himself, please excuse me, but this is almost as weird as when the guy who knew about the bullshit with the the Brit involvement in the Iraq debacle slipped and slit his wrists while wrestling with his conscience.

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