Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sara Cuda in Waiting

The selection of Sarah Cuda to ride shotgun on the Repugnant entry into the Quadrennial Horse Races was not, as panned, a fluke or a last minute, desperate decision by the Mad Kane.

Quite on the contrary, it was clever, deliberate, thought out, a work of dark genius. The "sex scandal" angle was thrown out like a bucket of chum to distract the media from the fact that Sara Cuda had proven her commitment to the "kick them in the balls before going for the jugular vein" school of politics.

She had also proved the ability to smile while smearing a bald faced lie by saying that Bulimo Omama would increase taxes on the middle class -- this is true, of course, if you consider the top 5% income group as being middle class.

The next stroke of dark genius was to keep her from the press so that the press would demand that she come and speak to them. After a while she came and, yes the media fell prostrate before her because, in fact, she is not just a pit-bull with lipstick, she is a well-formulated pit-bull with lipstick. That proved that the librul media was on her case just because she was a woman and a god-fearing mother who loves her children almost as much as apple pie.

Sooo, Mad Kane became Prez of Arrogance -- which will prove to be a short-lived joy because when the imprecatory prayers are answered, Mad Kane will be struck down by the Finger of God and Sara Cuda will receive the mantle of power.

The fun and games will begin when she figures out where Russia is in relation to Alaska.

On the positive side, we will know longer need to puzzle over such odd instances such as that of a plane which had been known to fly prisoners to Git'mo and extraordinarily render them to lesser known but darker holes of pain and injury -- that same plane crashed in Mexico with a 3 ton load of that white powder you don't use to brush you teeth but sniff up your nose.


Mad Kane said...

I had no idea I was running for President.

The real Mad Kane

Chuck Cliff said...

Sorry about the name duplication, but with 6+ billion sharing space on this poor planet, there is bound to be some overlapping...

Why there is a fellow I used to work with here in the Happy Little Kingdom (Denmark) whose brother didn't get to go play in Iraq with the other members of the Coalition of the Willing for the silly reason that his last name happens to be "Bush". A real disappointment I'm sure for a professional soldier.

On the other hand though, I suppose he should be honored to share name with such a magnificent warrior king. I've been scratching my head trying to figure an upside to sharing your name with a old white guy who figures he's qualified to be the president of the United State of Arrogance just because he's married to a blond beer heiress -- I'll let you know if I ever think of one!