Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ain't Nothing So Bad...

It's said that there ain't nothing so bad that it ain't good for something.

This may very well be true, or true enough that you won't choke on it.

An example.  During the 40+ years of the split between the East and West, the Cold War and the Iron Curtain, there was a zone along the borders between the free countries in the west and the countries enslaved in (evil) commie dictatorships. Barbed wire, mines and watch towers ensured that no one crossed or even entered this death zone.

Although death for people, it meant life for plants, animals, birds.  Thousands of miles long, reaching across climate zones, undisturbed, it became a haven for species no longer found in Europe or extremely rare. One example is a fresh water oyster which happens to be one of the oldest animals, if not the oldest.

The sunshine to the story is that after the collapse of the Soviet empire, people with foresight made sure that this nature treasure box was kept for the future.  

Sooo, maybe, just maybe something good will come out of the debacle of US foreign policy and the ongoing financial Great Collapse of 2008-9 -- and perhaps even the multitude of crisis which will befall this poor world in the wake of the global climate changes.

On the other hand, whatever good may come of these messes in our nest could probably have been brought forth with a lot less expense in both money and, more important, human suffering.

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