Monday, October 20, 2008

A Two Forked Creature...

Since it is so dirty, it is difficult to make it clear what the nature of  the Mad Cain and Repugnant campaign has become.  

The campaign has shed its skin and turned into a two forked creature of lies, slime and deception -- that it occurs now, two weeks before the final lap of the Quadrennial Horse Races is no accident.  The media and its bobble heads will not call foul until after November, if ever.

The first fork is, with ads and robo-calls, to call forth and nuture the meme that Bulimo is a terraist, an arab, a muslim Masher, a baby killer -- even a socialist.  These are dog whistles to remind the right kind of people that he is one of them -- a dark one, a black, a nigra.

The second fork is, through intimidation, caging and purging of voter registrations, challenges at polling places and obstacles at pricincts where many of the wrong kind of people can be expected to vote.  

Part of the second fork is the campaign against ACORN -- which in itself is also two pronged.  ACORN is smeared with charges of vast amounts of voter fraud (actually, vote registration fraud -- but vote fraud stinks better).   These charges have little basis in fact. No more factual basis than four and two years ago when the same tactics were used in a more diffuse manner against the Dumbrat party and US Attorneys fired for not engaging in what they saw as politically motivated charges of vote fraud. 

At the same time, ACORN in particular and poor urban (read: black, hispanic, lazy, shiftless) people are being made responsible for the collapse of the housing bubble(s) and the Great Collapse -- i.e. the suffering and losses of hard working real citizens is because of them.  

To tie it all together, ACORN is made out to be somehow a tool of the fiendish Bulimo Charisma.

I kid you not, if he survives to the inaguration, a meme that he is the One, the Beast of the Apocolypse and every failure (and success!) of the Bulimo administration will be proof of the truth of the lie.

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