Friday, October 10, 2008

The Deep White Pit Revisited

Somewhere during the last few laps of the Quadrennial Horse Races the show has turned into a farce.

If it wasn't for the fact that it is taking place during what more and more is obviously undfolding as the most critical if not final phase of human history it would be hysterically funny. As a matter of fact, maybe it is hysterically funny -- if you happen to be a cockroach or a shape-shifting lizard...

Seeing that they are now almost certain not to win the (s)election, Mad Cain campaiagn is opting to sow seeds of hate which will make the hunting of Prez "Big Dog" Flintstone look like a sunday school picnic compared to what will be thrown at Bulimo Charisma. 

At best, it will end with The Man Called Betrayus being (s)elected in 2012, or, far worse, Sarah Cuda.   At worst, well, I hope you don't have the sort of imagination I am cursed with -- like the unknown poet of the Third Galaxy spoke three decades before the opening phases of the Terrible Times:

When you've got a crystal ball,
you sometimes wish you didn't have a ball at all!

The nitty gritty dear hearts is that human history is seemingly headed towards either a deep white pit of sand or a pile of excrement.

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