Sunday, October 05, 2008

Speaking of Arrogance...

Arrogance goes well, in fact magnifies incompetence. Avarice also gives good growing conditions for the first two.

The United State of Arrogance has demonstrated this in a rather pernicious manner, becoming more arrogant even as her incompetence has grown along with avarice by leaps and bounds.

Because Sarah Cuda was able stay on script when she shared the stage for ninety minutes "debate" with Jo Bitem and delivered a couple of zinger sound-bites the Bankers of Illusion could repeat in endless sound loops -- she has suddenly become more suited to assume the duties of Prez should Mad Cain decide to start pushing daisies after a (hopefully) hypothetical inauguration of the two.

Pray tell, is this not a celebration of incompetence? I know people who would vote for Mad Cain and Sarah Cuda simply because they are not "pro-choice".

Doesn't anyone remember how the Codpiece was (s)elected because he was "pro-life" and then proceeded to murder his millions? If Mad Cain is (s)elected, we will be singing like they sang about David and Saul, "Where Saul killed his thousands, David kills his tens of thousands..."  [1 Samuall 18,7]

Geeze, is this "Idiocracy" or what?

Meanwhile, hundreds of billions of dollars are forked over in what can only be called "Welfare for the (super)Rich" as a reward for the incompetent arrogance of their avarice.

None of the leading economists who have been consulted for their opinion in this manner have protested -- of course, that is probably because none of them were consulted, most pointedly the economists who warned about the Great Collapse.

On the off chance that this plan wasn't bad enough, 25 billion dollars was forked over to the Arrogant automobile makers -- and they didn't ask for some money back should the automobile makers ever start making profits again! This is an outright subsidy and subsidies and tariffs are exactly what excaberated the Great Depression.

On top all this, a stale cigarette butt put out in a plate of fish and chips, more home owners then ever are going to be foreclosed and evicted from their homes -- there was an alternative!

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