Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Tale of a Scarlet Letter...

[Dear hearts, be thankful that you don't live in the Third Galaxy -- a tale like I am about to tell could never happen in our saner and happier world:]

The Quadrennial Horse Race was taking the final turn and the contestants were getting ready for the home stretch.

A sweet young thing she was -- a twenty year old coed working as a volunteer for the Mad Cain campaign. On her way out to her car in the dark she was accosted by a black man who took offense at the "Mad Cain for Prez" bumper sticker and brutalized her!

The dark monster beat her up, forced her to the ground and, although he didn't rape her like one would normally expect a black man to do to a young white woman he had in his power, this beast did something really nasty, saying that he was "Gonna teach ya a lesson, bitch!" He carved the letter "B" on her face with a sharp instrument.

"That 'B' stands for 'Bulimo', bitch!" was his parting comment to the poor girl. That wasn't quite what she told the police, but it was pretty much what the local Mad Cain campaign manager told the newspaper and media reporters who gobbled the story up.

Unfortunately, the police noticed that the Scarlet Letter was carved in mirror image. Since they figured that a black man wouldn't be able to figure out how to carve a letter while looking in a mirror, they politely asked the young lady if she had not done it herself. She quickly admitted that indeed she had made the story up from out of thin air.

This was the comment of an anonymous blogger in the Third Galaxy:

This incident ought to go into the you-can't-make-shit-like-this up category. And yet, something here disturbs my paranoia...

First of all, I assume the thought has crossed minds that Joe the Plumber and the lady who said Bulimo Charisma was a Masher terraist at Mad Cain campaign event were some kind of plants.

Joe the Plumber was a media flash in the pan who complained that Bulimo's tax plan would mean that he wouldn't be to buy a plumbing business and make a quarter million dollars. Unfortunately, it turned out that Joe was not a plumber, had never been licensed as a plumber and, in fact, had never been apprenticed to learning the trade. Furthermore he was in little danger of ever making a quarter million since the company he couldn't legally buy and run anyway only had receipts of a quarter million, that is before, expenses and wages to workers.

I find myself momentarily thinking that there is something more fishy here then the Tale of the Scarlet Letter being false.

I remember the three who were busted for plotting to whack Bulimo at the convention and then were released. I am aware of several other stories and can only assume there are others who have managed to stay below the radar.

Actually, it were better if these were plots and conspiracies -- what is far more likely is that these "loose cannons", are only acting out what racist campaign memes inspire them to do.

I must have eaten too much pumpkin pie yesterday, but I can't shake the feeling that something really ugly is going to happen somewhere down the line.

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