Friday, July 16, 2010

Lay Down, My Weary Spirit

Well, there I was, wild eyed in the wilderness, and yet, at the same time, in my living room with two Moroni Missionaries sitting across from me on my sofa - they noticed my little octave guitar and suddenly I was playing it and singing a melody, well maybe more of a caterwauling.

Over the years [since 1973], it developed into the song you hear here - a series of rhyming couplets plus a chorus:

There's a glory in the morning 'cause the earth turns 'round
and a promise in the evening when the sun goes down!
Lay down, lay down, lay down my weary spirit, rest you now
No, don't weep - just sleep!

There's an anger in the ocean, such an awful roaring sound,
but these troubled, darkened waters - they shall lay down!
Lay down....

There's a power in the growing of a tree from its seed,
and a lonesome, helpless feeling when you see how life bleeds!
Lay down....

There's a sadness in our joy when we meet old friends,
and a sweetness in our sorrow when we part once again!
Lay down...

There's a glory in the morning, such a precious sight to see,
and a promise in the evening that looks like eternity!
Lay down....

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