Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Scribbles on a Train #2

[a thick tablet of paper with scribbles between the thin blue lines fell out of a box while I moving some stuff around - I recognized it as notes I wrote during the spring of 2005 while commuting to and from work. They will be posted off and on as I find time to type them up - Elmer Eggplant ]

Our texts state: God created Man in Gods' Image - male and female created them.

First of all, then, man is not Man alone, for man is also Woman - the two are one, that is: the human.

Similarly, God is not He, nor She, nor It, but all of these, separately and together, infinitely more and none of them.

As soon as the human comes to exist, in a sense, God ceases to exist - in the world, so to speak, it is the human who "creates" God in the human image.

As soon as the human is, the world is there. It is the human who, through human being, determines which aspects of the eternal which will be revealed in the temporal, that is, the world.

This is why I am forced to say [although it is not correct in the absolute sense] that God is not Other - in truth, God is not "up there" telling is what to do, God does not have a "Plan" to impose on us which we must follow, or else. We might say that God, so to speak, has a "portfolio" of plans.

In our common humanity, we determine which "plans" may unfold - by our greed or our compassion, by our love or our hate manifested in the world, we determine the "face" of God to be revealed.


TechnoBabe said...

If god is what we consider female, which is what many people think, then creating man first is obvious. I bet she didn't know man would grow into a human demanding total rule over women and keeping women in their place.

Chuck Cliff said...

LOL, reminds me of the creation legend I read where God, the first time around was too quick and took man out of the oven before he was done - that was the white man. The second time, he had some stars or something that needed attention and the man was a bit burned - that was the black man. Third time, he got it just right - that was the light brown polynesian man...