Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Lies and Flatulence

[This is odd - it seems that the Unknown Poet of the Third Galaxy produced this sonnet corona in two versions. Either that or he forgot that he had finished what he then called "Our Common Insanity. Whatever the case, it is interesting to see the changes he made in the first part of the corona and how he developed the theme when they take off in different directions just over half way through the circle.]

4. Lies and Flatulence

Behind a pack of lies and flatulence,
finely carved and polished wooden masks,s
projecting simulated excellence,
the Bankers of Illusion go about their tasks:

Purity and Innocence are stripped clear to the bone,
then served up with spicy barbecue sauce.

True feeling then is only felt alone,
and love becomes a commodity that costs
not only your heart's blood, but cold cash!

And, as the Age of Insolence begins,
all human values are shat upon and trashed,
and holiness is counted as mortal sin...

What then, my friend?
What will you do with your fears
when the wounded heart, so long denied, reappears?

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