Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Wounded Heart

5. The Wounded Heart

When the wounded heart, so long denied, reappears,
is it really true that the earth will quake and shake,
that the sun will hide and the moon cry bloody tears?

Myself, I've little patience with those who take
our ancient texts and twist them into bits,
writing screenplays about what must come next.

In my book, they are a bunch of little shits,
sending us to hell on phony pretexts!

Shall I really speak what's really on my mind?
First of all, these disasters do not have to be!
Therefore, calling them false prophets is far too kind!
To speak truth to power, that is prophecy!

Come close to me now and smell the bile on my breath:
The "Lord" they serve rules a kingdom of death!

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