Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Our Common Humanity

[It seemed that in sonnet #11 the Unknown Poet made oblique reference to Milton's "Paradise Lost" - but here it becomes more obvious. Also note that the final lines echoes a theme from the sister corona, "Our Common Insanity]

12. Our Common Humanity

Falling down towards abysmal gates,
shooting stars, blinded by the light
of their own demise, heedless of the final state
of those who enter an atmosphere rife
with self-pity and mad conceit,
burn and burn and when they yearn to turn,
they cannot for none of those they meet
would lift a finger to help anyone but themselves...

It is said by some the way to hell is paved
with good intentions and that may be sometimes so,
and having heard the rants of those who rave
about "God" and "God's Will", I know,
I know for certain that insanity
begins when we lose our common humanity.

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