Friday, December 31, 2010

The Abysmal Gates

[What ever the truth if the matter, the Unknown Poet describes how a "being without a heart can occur - among other things it seems it is necessary to make a few rips in the fabric of Reality. How long such a state could last, it would seem that at most it would be unstable and fall through "Abysmal Gates".]

11. The Abysmal Gates

Can there really be a being without a heart?

In theory, "no", in practice, "it all depends".
If the fabric of time and space is torn apart
If any means is justified by the ends
If you think the unthinkable long enough
If you shed the last shreds of decency,
snuffle with pigs at the feeding trough
and sin against our common humanity
Why yes, I suppose it can be arranged!

There's always room for more in Madam's Fat Car,
among the entourage of the deranged.

Who knows? She may even pick you to be a star!

A star? A shooting star, with a dismal fate!
Falling, falling down to the abysmal gates!

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