Monday, August 01, 2011

It's No Surprise

[Rejoice that you live in a happier, saner world then the Third Galaxy - pity the poor people living there, enveloped in ever stronger illusions]

It's hard to believe, but then belief has nothing to do with it - just plain greed, raw avarice spiced with walloping portions of arrogance and topped with a groaning mound of ignorance - yes, they really would, they really would destroy the economy of nations all over the world, spreading misery and already pandemic famine just as long as they can sit in their mansions and gated communities, not pay taxes, finance endless wars supporting tiers of empire with a future growing dimmer by the second as terrible times crunch relentlessly toward us and our children.

For a generation and more people bewitched by demonic illusions of Balance of Terror and Mutual Assured Destruction were prepared, in the space of an hour, to destroy, to literally blow up the world and its civilizations - so what they would do now is no surprise.

The bottom line is that when push comes to shove and the nitty gets gritty, the final, inalienable right we are endowed by our creator with is the right to starve to death if you can't find something to eat.

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