Tuesday, August 09, 2011

What Must Not Be Said...

What must not be said in the Third Galaxy is to compare, in any way, riots in free countries with troubles in countries with oppresive regimes.

It is a fact, though, that the recuring riots in the free countries follow the same pattern - the hopelessness of poverty and discrimination, oppression and racism by authorities including but not limited to the police create an atmosphere of hatred which, sparked by an incident - a beating, a shooting - and days of rioting with the destruction of property in general, but in particular, symbols of authority and state power.

When this happens in London, Los Angeles, Paris - it is condemned. When it happens in Tunis, Cairo, Bahrain - it is Arab Spring and the bud of democracy. They are not to be compared.

The fact is though, that they are of the same sort - albeit far apart on a scale - the mechanism is the same, an atmosphere of hatred, sparked by some incident, explodes.


James said...

Well, this is weird. I joined DropBox to store some of my new mixes, and I got an email from them saying I "accepted your referral." How did I do that?

Anyway, how's it going?

The jpwraven at gmail address still works.

Lots to share, hope you're okay.

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Chuck Cliff said...

Well, James, that's because I invited you a long time ago (a year?!) - it means I get more storage. You can do the same - be careful with sharing folders - it's great for backup on several computers - but it means that the folders are automatically shared on all computers AND synched - so if I move or delete something it is also deleted on all computers including the web DB - will get back at you later - chuck