Saturday, October 01, 2011

The Finger of God

When I first heard, I thought it was absurd and, of course, it is, but still and yet, when I heard it I had to pinch myself.

And as I pinched myself, I heard people screaming in the unknown dungeons of kings even history has forgotten.

Dispite my hopes and misgivings, Bulimo Charisma, for all his media savy and general pizzazz, has assumed the role of Supreme Hole - in secret, without our knowing, quietly, in the chambers of secrecy, far below the clicking relays, he took to himself the terrible Weapon, the FINGER OF GOD.

From now on, until the end of the Terrible Times, with out warning, charge or, least of all, a trial, any person in the Third Galaxy, citizen of the United State of Arrogance, or not, can be killed in a flash of lightning from the skies - the FINGER OF GOD, merciless, probably stupid, strikes death wherever, whenever it whims the Supreme Hole.

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