Saturday, August 12, 2006

The (Ultimate) END Game

Some people [i.e. I, myself and me] are beginning to think it gets a bit thick around here with posting so much material channeled from the Third Galaxy about a land of Arrogance and a leader named Ronald Rexona who always smells like roses no matter what kind of shit he pulls [“Rexona” is a brand of deodorant soap in Denmark, by the way…].

Frankly though, I am simply flabbergasted and almost speechless at some of the stunts Mr. Codpiece still manages to pull off without the good round of applause he so richly deserves for putting on such a awful show at taxpayer expense.

What passes for his reality is sometimes so off the wall and so much exceeds the inanity of my satires about the Third Galaxy [that is, if they really were satire – I really do get that information from an unemployed angel, honest!] that I sometimes wonder if I’m here or somewhere in the Third Galaxy posting about what goes on in this world!

Mr. Codpiece recently invited a certain Mr. Joel Rosenberg to come to the White House to advise him and his staff on the Middle East. Now that could be cool. It’s been six years, but good advice might still be of some help. However, my sources tell me that Mr. Rosenberg is yet another soldier in the army of frogs croaking about today’s world events, how they have been foretold in the Bible and precede the Second Coming of the Holy Idaho.

This is from the Fat Lady by way of Lurch at Main and Central:

…now it's apocalyptic writers like Joel Rosenberg [who] council him on Middle Eastern policy. Next thing you know he’ll be channeling Tolkien while insisting the Middle East is really Middle Earth and the bad Arab du jour is actually Sauron in disguise. I’d be laughing right now if so many people weren’t dying. [my emphasis]

The last phrase is a point made in an earlier post here. If it was just a small gaggle of loonies holding tuning forks to their foreheads in order to get aligned with cosmic vibrations like the “Heaven’s Gate” people did, I could probably care less. Sure, one bright morning they all took an overdose of sleeping pills, lay down and died, but except for the ones who loved them, they didn’t hurt anybody.

Mr. Codpiece though is playing a game here that could get real serious. Just imagining a little bit how serious it could get is enough to give a fellow a case of turkey trots. If we really do blow this planet to shit, there is just about as much chance that the Holy Idaho is going to take us up to His Colander in the Sky to live with the Great Potato as the chance is that the Heaven’s Gate people really got to ride in that spaceship.

Actually, the chances are probably a lot less. If I understand our friend Jesus rightly, his dad doesn’t exactly cotton to folks who destroy his vineyard and slaughter his sheep...

Much of the material I post oozes with apocalyptic awareness and foreboding. But the point is that it is not something I want, look forward to or desire to come about. I post about these things because I can see that some very despicable people are telling the all too many Americans who will listen, “the Bible says” we are the last generation, that this war, that war, this earthquake, that volcano, global warming, storms, the dieing oceans, aids – all these things are prophesized in the Bible, that it’s all part of God’s plan for the salvation of a few lucky souls who said the magic prayer and made Jesus their very own personal savior and rock star.
That is complete bullshit.
It's just a game they are playing, pretending to know things of which they know nothing, pretending to speak for the Eternal, but it's a game, The (Ultimate) END Game which could have serious consequences for us all.

The Bible is not a screenplay, we are not the actors in it and this is not the last scene of the Fifth Act – not unless we make it so!

[Random praise for Mr. Rosenberg's political insight]

[which nearly makes me think I misjudged the quakity if his wisdom]

UPDATE: Did I say “quakity”? Was that a typo for “quality”, or a serendipitous creation of a new word, as in a “quack doctor”, but then it should be the “quackity of his wisdom”, that is his wisdom is that of a quack.

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