Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Chicken Conspiracy!

I been back in Denmark for nearly a week since our trip to the American Midwest where I was born and spent the first years of my childhood.

One of the impressions I am having difficulty getting out of my mind is the commercials on television. In particular, commercials for food have gotten egregiously obscene. The pictures of melted cheese, grease dripping from rendered animal flesh, toppings on top of toppings, two for one offers -- dear God, it's just too much!

The message is: just one more bite and you will know true delight!

An epitome for all that is wrong with food over there is the "bread". I was at a restaurant where they served plastic with a nice smelling crust and my hosts were in ecstasy about how good it was. True it was miles better than what they get normally, but I'd be ashamed to serve it to a duck.

I suppose it was thoughts like this which possessed me to write this piece about the "Chicken Conspiracy" back in 1984.

The criminal concept of the Chicken Conspiracy
Boggles the imagination of assholes
Even as hardened as that of the Rusty Red Rat!

It's hard to believe that a normal human being
Could conceive the idea of turning pure garbage
Into a weapon of human consumption!

But that's what happened, whether you believe it, or not.
Some mild-mannered clerk in the Department of Defense
Made a serious deal with plain, cold death.

Assorted thin slices of tumerous tissues
From discarded chicken limbs were frozen
Together to form lecherous, feathered androids!

Bulbous forms now stalk the battlefields
From Afghanistan to Zanzibar,
Bilious, belching -- eating everything in sight!

Wiggling terror scourges the cities of Earth,
Devouring all flesh, exuding bad breath
& producing enormous piles of chicken shit!

More than a crime, the Chicken Conspiracy
Is riddled like old cheese with dithering banalities
& blistered with blustering blue profanities!

Grafted onto the splintered wood of an old
& somewhat rugged cross, the galloping night sprouts horns!
What rough beast is this, not even born?

Forms of callous neglect, drip like resin from
The wounded trees of all the forests of Earth!
The mountains cry! Silence echoes the agony!

Silhouetted solitude, be kind to me!
Let this creeping chicken cancer multitude
Simply fall apart and quickly melt away!


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