Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pigs and Pricks, More Obscenity

[This polemic below was composed by an unknown poet from the Third Galaxy and its revalence to our world is therefore mostly theoretical.
In the Third Galaxy, unlike our world, perverted and prostituted religion was instrumental in the rise of the Supreme Hole of Arrogance in particular and the near-destruction of that poor world in general.
Religion is a storehouse of the codified spiritual spiritual experience and heritage of our common humanity. If it were used in our world to promote jihads and crusades, to give snotty little piss-ant kings justification for their wars and oppression of their subjuects, or simply to enrich charlatans -- that would really upset me! ]

The story's as old as mankind,
in fact older by far.
The spirit speaks, but then the word gets crushed
like a cheap cigar,

It's as if the need to know the truth was dirt!
The reek of sex

denied fills the air and abused passion lies perplexed,
snuffed like a candle, thrown aside as casual as toilet wipe.

Is there a word in any language to match the pain and anguish
of mothers betrayed, their children slain?

In Ramah, the small skulls were smashed against the wall
to satisfy the beast which lurks in every human heart.
They splashed like melons warm and ripe from summer fields
and still some fool still asks, "Where was God?"
The question should be: "Where is our common humanity?"

Ye pigs and pricks who "praise the Lord"
and profess your "love of God"
while tickling the Dragon's Tail --
listen to the night winds wail!

Your wiggling tounges and words of babble
profane the holy name.
Your prayers are vain,
dry and empty wind which fan the flames
of hell.

[Gee, I just saw that James at the Psychotic Patriot just said some terribly nice things about me and my feeble attempts to clean out the cobwebs in my mind. I sure hope this post didn't dash your expectations completley, I'm a bit rushed this morning as being on vacation can be a bit stressful at times. ]

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