Sunday, October 08, 2006

Point Omega -- the Fenris Wolf

Today, in the fifth installment of "Point Omega", we meet Fenris, the enigmatic precursor to Ragnarok.
When I was a child of ten or twelve years, I read all the books in the libraries of Poosah City I could find about "fairy tales", "myths" and "legends" of peoples around the world.

I came to the conclusion that the root source of these tales was no different than that which was codified in our Bible canon.

The tales of the Scandic peoples fascinated me most. Perhaps that is because I am half Norwegian -- that I would travel another forty years down my life before I learned that fact for certain only confirms my instinct that there is deep understanding of human nature in the Norse vision.

5. The Fenris Wolf

I walk with a limp and a squint in one eye...(?)

If you don't assume that's simply poetic device,
Then I'll assume you get the implied allusion
That Nordic Vision is more than illusion!
That Odin and Loke, Balder and Thor,
That Asgaard and Midgaard and Valhal bord,
That Vane and Asar, Jaette and Norn,

All tell us something of life -- and the Final Wars!

The hairs on the back of my neck -- they rise in fear!
Because, I suspect, a Finbul Winter this year,
Would recall the runes of that ancient, Volund sage:
That three blue winters foretell the coming rage
Of the ravenous, Fenris Wolf, unleashed from its cage,
With a cavernous hunger nothing can assuage!

I assume most are acquainted with the Norse Gods, or Asar, as they are still called by some. The Jaette are the giants and the Norn more or less the Norse equivalent of the Greek dryads.

I also assume you know about Ragnarok, the Norse premonition of Final Wars, but I suspect fewer have heard of the "Finbul" winter -- terrible winters of deep blue cold. According to the Volund sage, three such winters in Midgaard, that is the world of mankind, will precede the release of the Fenris Wolf and the ensuing Ragnarok.

We will read more about the Fenris tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good eye on Orcinus, I've been seeing and hearing Ornicus for years, like some malevolent gnome from a different dimension keeps switching the letters around just so I can mis-read them. All better now.

Thanks again.

Chuck Cliff said...

Meant no harm, I've gone years misspelling and mispronouncing words!

When I was 6 or 7 or something I remember this school thing I did that I was so proud of, and also the toe curling shame I felt when I realized that I not only had I titled it MY BRIDBOOK, but I had bound it from the right hand side!

Frankly, I don't understand how it was that I learned to read.

I remember distinctly that I learned the alphabet after I had gotten my World Book Encyclopedia (I learned the alphabet because each volume had a number, by putting the numbers in order, I learned the alphabet.)