Monday, October 09, 2006

Point Omega -- The Wolfling Betrayed

I can do without the serendipity!

As I was working on comments to the sixth installement of "Point Omega", Uncle Kim Il jerks off and blows his atomic wad somewhere underground in North korea.

The thing is, the point of the comments below was to draw parallels
between the reasoning of the Asar which led them to chain the Fenris and the reasoning which lies behind our obscene stockpiles of nuclear and other Weapons of Much Destruction.

I said at the beginning of this series that these poems seemed more pertinent today than some seven years ago -- but this is ridiculous, I don't mean for them to be that pertinent.

The Norse legend and/or prophecy of the Fenris Wolf fascinated me from the time I first read about it when I was 10-12 years old. Today's installment explores the motivation and fears of the Asar which led them to betray the trust of the wolfling, Fenris.

6. The Wolfling Betrayed

Such hunger as his can never be assuaged!

The moonlight glint on teeth reflect the rage
Of one betrayed by Gods, because they feared
The Force, which, in their midst, unbid, appeared.

A furry little cub, a wolfling plays
Upon the grass of Asgaard's sunny days.
It plays and grows and then the Asar wonder,
"Does not its growl echo with a distant thunder?"

It matters not which "God" should bear the blame!

They all agreed, "The wolfling must be chained!"
Their choice was "right", but was it really wise
To bind it tight with such magic device?

They betrayed the wolfling's trusting innocence.
When the wolf is freed again, we'll all do penance.

To me, the rationale of the Norse Gods could well be compared to all the "good reasons" we have for stockpiling WOMD (Weapons of Obscenly Mass Destruction).

The Asar of course had no choice -- it was a matter of survial! But in seeking security they created their bane and sealed their fate.

Likewise, we had no choice. But the nitty-gritty is that which was to defend us, keep us safe and secure, will be the direct source of our downfall. The downfall not only of our civilization but, like as not, our existence as a species and even of the Earth, the holy mother who gave us birth.

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