Saturday, October 07, 2006

Point Omega -- Odin's Squint

I'm pressed for time today, therefore comments to the fourth in the Point Omega poem cycle will be mercifully brief.

Actually, reading through it, it seems there really isn't all that much to say.

The theme of falling for "phony crosses" is developed and then turns to the main Asar of the Norse Pantheon, Odin, the All Father who sometimes appears to mortals of Midgaard a tall, graybeard traveler who wears a broadbrimmed hat. Odin gained wisdom at the price of one of his eyes -- in this version it becomes a squint and therefore, I suppose, only a small portion of wisdom. "Hanging from a tree" refers to a lesser known legend, where Odin, in order to obtain insight, was hung from a tree, which is why he "limps".

4. Odin's Squint

It's true!
I bowed and slicked a phony cross
Or two, and maybe even truely lost
My ephemeral soul more than once to force
Beyond intelligent control!
Of course,

It wasn't for fun or to impress you all
That I this confess! I was searching for my All
My Everything, the Song that makes us sing,
That which brings the horse to water and begs him drink.

Indeed, the world drowns in each raindrop!

And, as the ground slowly sucks it up,
I see that we, in our common humanity,
Are hanging, all of us, from a tree...

Is that the reason why, like Odin, I
Walk with a limp and a squint in one eye?

The point, I guess is that everything has its price -- there are no free lunches, for that matter, no free breakfasts, no free supper and certainly no free dessert!

In case you are wondering, yes, like most people, I have worshiped a few phony crosses. Perhaps, someday, I'll tell you about them. Suffice for now knowing, as you may have guessed that this is where I received the wounds which make me exceptionally bitter and sensitive to the slightest whiff of religious hypocrisy. By the way, although the imagery used here might seem, ah sensual, I haven't been there where your imagination might take you.

Tomorrow, we will make more use of the Norse vision and the Fenris makes his appearance with a growl.

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