Sunday, March 25, 2007

Crown of thorns -- The Finest Wine...

Up to Easter I am posting "Crown of Thorns" which is a corona, that is each poem begins with the last line of the preceding poem.

If you haven't read the the first installents, you should first read

"How Many Castles" and
"Practically a Curse"

When I start a corona, I have no idea where it will lead. Here, it led me to LaLa,
a saint of Islam, whose songs and poems are treasured to this day.

Lala wandered northern India and Pakistan and, except for her long hair, she went barefoot and buck naked.

Why should she care about being naked before mankind when she was ever so much more naked before her God and Lord. One is reminded of the time a Christian saint, Frances, threw away his clothes in Assisi...

The reference to Morisette's "Godiva stand" is to the video for her song "Thank you, India", where she stands, clothed only in long hair and soft focus, in a subway, singing the song...
Those who have drunk but a drop of the finest wine
will find the other stuff bitter to the tongue
and bad for the head and belly!

If I had a dime
for every time I've heard praises sung
for ersatz holiness, why, I could buy me
a jet and fly away to La-La Land!


Now there's a saint to make you cry!

Like Morisette with her Godiva stand
in the subway, singing: "Thank you India!"
Lala, her long hair her only dress,
wandered the land, naked before Allah.

With her poems and songs, all creation she blessed!

"Thank you Providence!" she softly sang,
and, as for me, somewhere, tin silver bells rang...

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